How does it work

This section explains how the application works.

1.         The service includes a registration and use is free for all users.

2.         Browsing the site is allowed for some parts of information, terms and conditions of use. If of interest, the user can choose to register with two options: normal registration or registration with Facebook. With normal registration, the system sends the user an e-mail to validate the registration. With registration via Facebook, the user is recognized by accepting the connection. Now the user can access the application and interact.

3.         The user logs in. If the user has specified a vehicle in the user profile settings, it will be available and visible on the map, after pressing the "my availability" button. The application uses GPS and transmits to the system, checking the position at regular intervals. The map will always be updated with the real-time location of available vehicles. The user must accept the position detection.

4.         If the user has NOT specified a vehicle in the settings, it will not be available and visible on the map, it will only display its current position and is ready to search for a vehicle. "Search by list" and "search by map", return a list of available vehicles within a radius of approximately 100 km from the user's location."View all vehicles" allows the user to view all vehicles, even those that are not in his area.

5.         The user who searches can select the vehicle and view the information via a popup. If this is what he was looking for, he can contact him by sending an e-mail or he can call him immediately.

6.         The user who has the vehicle received a call, to remove the vehicle from the map, simply press the "my availability" button and it will be currently unavailable. When it becomes available, you can press the "my availability" button again.

7.         USER SETTINGS

8.         only the "user profile" can be modified by the user himself. The other menus are for information and contacts only. If the user does not specify the vehicle type, he is identified as a user searching for a vehicle and his data will not be publicly included in the map and in searches. IMPORTANT NOTES: all the information of the user profile will be included in the map visible to those who want to search for a vehicle.

9.         The list and map with vehicles in real time will be visible only after registration and login. The user, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions of use, must agree and therefore comply with the rules of local traffic by making selections on his device only when the vehicle is stationary.

10.     To offer you the best possible service, this site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you consent to their use in accordance with our Cookie Policy and the user can receive more details on their use.

Vehicles that the user can register

In the user profile you can choose from the following:

         Bus or Bus

         Van (closed)

         Van (boxed)

         Minivan (passenger transport)


         Workplace (Work)

         Motor vehicle for specific transport

         Motor vehicle for special transport



Taxis or cars are NOT allowed.

The user who does not have any type of vehicle and wants to search for an available one, in his profile will indicate: "None (search only)"


To offer you the best possible service, this site uses cookies.

By continuing to browse the site, you consent to their use in accordance with our Cookie Policy.