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Empty trucks is a totally free service without advertising inserts. Empty Trucks arises from the need to optimize the transport of your country. The idea of ​​an application that contributes to transport in a sustainable way, it follows that there may be less waste of fuel, less pollution, less accidents on the roads. Do you have a vehicle that makes regular routes and returns empty? Make it available to let everyone know that you are there! You could be contacted and optimize your return journey. Empty Trucks is a group of enthusiasts who have a serious and objective vision of the transport world. Empty Trucks is FREE as a concept of "doing something for others, without asking for anything in return". The use of this system is therefore free but is subject to some rules that the user must accept to continue with use. Empty Trucks is an "As Is" service that is "as it is" and users have nothing to expect from Empty Trucks and its research and development team.We are happy to FEEL if you have to report any malfunctions in the system. You will give us a hand to improve!


1 - User data protection

The operation of Empty Trucks is based on the sharing of your data (name, email, vehicle type, telephone number, etc.) and optionally also the position of the vehicle made available in the user search. Sharing is exclusively between registered users . This is necessary to interact in real time with the system, with the possibility of being contacted by other regularly registered users . If you do not want your data to be shared, please do not use this website. By using our services, you confirm that you are aware that your data will be made public.


2 - Data modification, suspension or cancellation of accounts               

You can modify your data at any time in the USER PROFILE independently. You can request at any time the cancellation of your data, or permanently suspension or cancellation of the account. Use the CONTACTS page to interact with us and request information on every aspect of the terms and conditions of use.


3 - Availability and use of the service               

Users regularly registered on Empty Trucks are of two types:

1.         User who does not have any type of vehicle and wants to search for an available one.

2.         User who has one or more suitable means available.

The contact between users is possible using the popup window by clicking on the vehicle available in the LIST or MAP search. Any compensation for the successful transport is regulated directly between users and is subject to the current tax legislation of your EU country of origin and / or the place where the transaction will be made. Empty Trucks and the service that makes available to registered users, will NOT be in any way and form held responsible for any unpaid fees and any disputes that, it is understood, are at the total expense of users who have used the service.


4 - Means suitable for the service             

Empty Trucks admits some types of vehicles available to be contacted by users who are looking for one. In the PROFILE the user who has one or more suitable means available, can choose between the following:

         Bus or Bus

         Van (closed)

         Van (boxed)

         Minivan (passenger transport)


         Workplace (Work)

         Motor vehicle for specific transport

         Motor vehicle for special transport



Taxis or cars are NOT allowed.

The user who does not have any type of vehicle and wants to search for an available one, in his PROFILE will choose: "None (search only)"


5 - Devices used             

Users can use any device (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone etc.). The user must be aware that driving a vehicle MUST be safe. For this reason, the user will display a window (every time he accesses the application) in order to REMEMBER and AGREE also the following clauses: "I drive safely and respect the rules of local traffic .If I drive, I make selections only when the vehicle is stationary "


6 - Cookies             

Use of the system implies acceptance of our COOKIES policy .


7 - Privacy             

The Privacy can be viewed in the: SECTION PRIVACY




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