PROBLEM. I registered. I login but I can not offer my vehicle with the "my availability" button. 

SOLUTION. By default, the user has no vehicles (search only). Go to your user profile and select your vehicle in the "vehicle type" section. 

PROBLEM. OK now I have defined my vehicle. If I click on the "my availability" button nothing happens. Why ?

SOLUTION. The system must first locate your location, acquire your vehicle registration request and consequently update the network. Wait a few seconds!

PROBLEM. My vehicle is registered on the map, but I see several other vehicles in my position that are dummies.

SOLUTION. Clear the application cache. 

PROBLEM.  If I click on the vehicle that interests me on the map, it does not open its contact window.

SOLUTION. On some devices it is probable. Go to "search by list" and click on the desired vehicle to open the contact window.


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